Studio – House Fire

First off, thank you to all of my listeners for making Yesterday Once More Radio one of the most listened to old time radio stations on the internet. We will continue with our format and have no commercials, no chatter, just letting you enjoy old time radio programs the way they should be heard. That is as they were broadcast when they were broadcast.

Well here we go with 2015 and have many hopes for Yesterday Once More Radio. As many have you may know or not known, we had a fire that was quite devastation. But out of the ashes of the fire, we will be like the Phoenix and rise again with a brand new studio with the same old man running the show.

The one thing that I would like to see in 2015 is more people making donations to the station so we can grow and become even larger. The thought of adding commercials to the radio station does not appeal to me at all, and I will fend off that issue as long as I can.

In closing I would like to thank you again. To all of our friends here in the United States and around the world for being loyal to our station. To the new people who are listening, we welcome you and hope you enjoy what you here. Since you are on the webpage right now, please look up in the upper left hand corner for the Pay Pal donation button. What we needs is not one person to donation millions; what we do need are folks who are enjoying listening to donate what they can. We are not asking for large amounts.

Thank you and best wishes in 2015.

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You Can Help Our Dream Stay Alive


Hello My Friends This Is Fred Gaspro Owner of Yesterday Once More Radio

Almost six years ago, I started planning Yesterday Once More Radio. In my working years I filmed, produced, and help syndicate the Outdoor Sportsman Show for television.
We made 107 half hour shows and were the top rated show in our time schedule which was from 7:30 to 8:00 on many outlets.
During this time I started collecting Old-Time radio programs. My hope was when I retired; I would start an internet radio station for others to enjoy these wonderful programs from out nations past.
The on key I thought was that I would not go after or except sponsors for my radio station. I also wanted it to be not only commercial free but to present each show as it was broadcast without interruptions.
Well, here we are almost 3 years on the internet and WE NEED YOU HELP AND WE NEED IT RIGHT NOW.
In order for us to stay on line and keep my dream alive we need to have our audience and those that believe in help8ing save the old-time radio programs for future generations.
We no only broadcast these wonderful programs to you but clean up each program, digitize them and they are saved by a major university for other to download at a later date.
As I said in order to keep our radio station on-line WE NEED YOUR HELP AND HERE IS HOW YOU CAN HELP.

Just go to and in the upper left side of the page is a donation button. If you will donate anything from $1.00 on up, we will be able to save our radio station.
So, please, I ask you, take a few minutes out of you busy day and support our venture.

I Thank You, Your Help Will Make The Difference We Need,

Fred Gaspro

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We Need Your Help

Here at Yesterday Once More Radio we are very proud that we can present Old-Time Radio programming commercial free and with little or no chatting.
Yes we do present Public Service Announcements because we feel that the message of these spots are important to our listeners,
But to keep this a commercial free station WE NEED YOUR HELP.
If you enjoy the way we are able to present the Old-Time Radio lineup the way they were originally broadcast we have to ad some new features to the station to continue to grow.
Our budget for this year is around $4000.00
Please remember that every dollar collected goes to the station. No one is paid a salary, everything is volunteer work.

It is very easy go to the yesterday once more radio’s web site
On the upper left side of the page you will see a PayPal donation button.
Just press the button and donate what you can. Every dollar counts.
For those who donate $10.00 or more, I will send you a personal thank you along with a CD full of MP3 Old-Time Radio programs for you do enjoy at home.
So please this is your chance to be part of our stations mission. The mission is to educate, preserve and protect the wonderful treasures of our nations past.

If you have any question please e-mail us at

Thank You,

Fred Gaspro
Yesterday Once More Radio

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Yesterday Once More Can Be Heard Here

Yesterday Once More Can Be Heard Here

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Listen To Yesterday Once More Radio

Hello and Welcome
Yesterday Once More Radio

Click on this link and join the audience of what we think is one of the Best Old-Time Radio Stations, Yesterday Once More Radio.

Click Here

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A Look At The Health Fair

These are pictures from the Men’s Games at Longview Urology. We had and wonderful time meeting people and talking about Old-Time Radio.
It was so interesting to talking with people who grew up listening to radio, pre-tv.
One gentlemen said he would listen to a program called the Black Museum and it always scared the pants off him and his friends.
I have most of the Black Museum in my Master Old-Time Radio vault and will bring it out, dusting it off and seeing how many we can put on Yesterday Once More Radio so, stay tuned.
By the way, before I go. Now that we have our mobile radio setup as well and a booth for events. If you live in the Cowlitz County or Portland area and are having an event you would like to have us attend, please send me an e-mail and if the schedule is clear we will be there for you.
So, that is about it. To all of you I talked with there thank you for your interest and donations.


Try this link and let me know how it works for you.

Yesterday Once More Radio Live

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Hello all, time for another update

On June 20th from 3:PM to 6:00PM we will be at the Mpower, Men’s Summer Games at Longview Urology 625 9th Avenue , Longview, Washington.

We are planning on broadcasting live with Yesterday Once More radio and also, holding a raffle plus many extras. I hope to raise enough money to purchase another piece of equipment for the station.

So what are the Men’s Summer Games?

Well this event is designed to bring awareness to the issues of Men’s Health issues, and emphasize that physical activity, health wellness are available for ALL Men of ALL Ages, right here in beautiful Longview, Washington.

I hope to see many of you there. As you may or may not know I just had major surgery on my prostate. I would hope that my experience would motivate some of you to get checked up. By having regular checkups you will catch what ever problem you might have, in the plumbing department, early and save you and you insurance company lots of dollars and you a lot of grief.

Of course if you can’t make their is always the PayPal donation butoon on our web site

So, I hope to see you June 20th starting at 3:00pm.


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New Broadcast Schedule

As many of you, by now have figured out, we are running on an hourly schedule. I hope you all enjoy it as man oh man was it a job.
We also would like you to help us grow. We need a person that is excellent at making Web pages, and a good voice over person for some new jingles. This will have to be for the fun of it as the funds are low but we are going to still stay commercial free.
Of course if you have a rich uncle Harry, then we could use some great donations. If and when this happens, I will get in contact with each person to ask them what they would like in the line of promotional material for their very welcome donation.
This is Fred Gaspro…well Talk Again

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We are celebrating one year on the air

We are celebrating one year on the air

We at yesterday once more radio are getting ready for a celebration.
The reason for this celebration is work coming up on our first year of being on the air and we are very proud of it. Although, our official date to celebrate is in June, in the next few weeks you’ll be seeing some changes in programs.

So stand by for some fun if you try and raise money for the show’s and the station.
We’re going to be giving away prizes for those who help us out and you know it’s going to be a lot of fun.

I have been using a three-step process in the restoration of some old-time radio programs and the sound is wonderful.  I am instituted new policy here at yesterday once more radio that before any program goes on the audio will be cleaned.
Sunday, traditionally a time when families are together I am going to call that day yesterday once more radio goes to the movies. I have someone there for programs dealing with the movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s. They are all family oriented programs and I’m sure the kids will love them as well is the adults.

One more thing before I close, I will be putting a clear that this to test your knowledge on old time radio right here on the website. I’m sure you’ll find as much fun as I have putting it together and let me know what you think of it.

Before I close I want to ask you again to please help us out with a little donation doesn’t have to be much but everything will help you notice the button up on the left side of this page so if you’re in the mood and you like what we’re doing please donate.

We’ll talk again soon thanks for visiting Yesterday Once More Radios’s website.

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