Fred Gaspro here, from Yesterday Once More Radio (Yesterday Once More Radio). I’m writing because you’ve shown interest in our station, and I’m hoping you’ll help us in the next step of our journey to bringing classic music back to the airwaves. We’re starting a GoFundMe campaign to help us purchase a low-power radio station in Longview, Washington. Together with your donations, we’re going to keep Yesterday Once More Radio going on the Internet, and broadcasting for our local retirement homes.

After a lifetime of collecting Old-Time radio programs, I started the Yesterday Once More project to share the experience with people — to help them remember what entertainment was like before television came to town. I began by collecting recordings that others were getting rid of, and painstakingly restored them to their original glory. By preserving these classics, my hope has been to ensure that future generations have access to the songs and programming that you and I grew up with.

After years of collecting, I was able to launch Yesterday Once More Radio on Shoutcast Internet Radio. Since we began broadcasting on Shoutcast, we’ve gained a huge following of listeners, and come to realize just how many fans there are out there. It’s incredibly exciting to know how many of you share my passion.

Up until now, I’ve funded the Yesterday Once More Radio project from my personal money. I’m at the point in my life where every dollar counts, and I’m ready to work with you, our community, to take the next steps to keep our music available, both online and locally. Our current goal is to raise $3,500.00.

We’ll be using the money to pay for web hosting fees, licensing, and of course, the low-power radio station. Yesterday Once More Radio is a completely volunteer-run project, and none of the money will line our pockets — it will all go towards this passion project of ours. With your help, we’ll keep the classic music and programming alive — all commercial-free.

If you’d like to donate, go here:

If you’d like to get involved or volunteer, please respond to this email — I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for all of your support — by listening, you’ve helped keep the Yesterday Once More Radio dream alive!

Fred Gaspro

About Fred (The Mayor) Gaspro

I own and Operate Yesterday Once More Radio on the internet. It plays Old-Time Radio programs 24/7 without commercials. At 70 years young my life is just getting started. Old-Time radio for me is a passion. I want to preserve, present and protect as well as educate people on the value of this, one of our nations most valuable treasures.
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