Hello my friends this is Fred and i am happy to tell you that we have finally have moved to radio co.

In 2010 i started getting ready for a radio station called Yesterday Once More Radio. I wanted it to be the best old time radio station on the internet. I planed for 2 years to try and find a format that was popular with you ,our listener. I is a listener supported station and it has been that way since we went on the air in 2012.

Yesterday once more radio has grown, but the funds to operate it post01have been very. very slow. I am talking s l o w but even with this i have found folks in my local area of Longview and Kelso Washington to be loyal listeners.

Such as the other day i was outside and a girl who blind was on her way home from school stooped by with her friend who walks with her. . She stopped by and said “Mr. Gaspro, we just wanted to thank you for Yesterday Once More Radio. We love it. I listen to it most all the time.” Well you can’t get any better than that.

This is just one of many reasons I must keep Yesterday Once More Radio on the internet.

First off i want to tell you how you can reach Yesterday Once More Radio on-Line. It’s really pretty easy .Just scan QR Code below with your cell phone and you will be connected to Yesterday Once More Radio once there you media player will open up and the station will be playing. If you put it in you favorites you will only have to do this once, easy….right?


This is the hardest part of having an internet radio station , asking for donations but it is the only way we can grow and build on our platform of old time radio . This years budget for 2019 is just under $2000. Every dollar that is donated two yesterday once more radio, it is used for licensing, registration of software, and promotional funds.

There are no salaries or payments to person’s as those that help’s at the station are on a volunteer basis. So please donate what you can you’ll well be glad you did. Here’ how you can help. Point your browser to www.yesterdayoncemoreradio.com there you will see a link to PayPal Donations. Just click on it and follow the directions. check, money order, or just plain old cash do just fine.

Another way is to send a donation to:

Fred Gaspro

Yesterday Once More Radio

3320 Tori Lane

Longview, Washington 98632

Again , for those of you who have children you can feel safe when they listened to Yesterday Once More Radio on the internet. As we are a family oriented station.

Listen to Yesterday Once More Radio the day after thanksgiving and listen to The Cinnamon Bear.

Join the Cinnamon Bear , Judy and Jimmy in their search for the silver star.

So, Snuggle up the ones you love ans follow the continuing adventures of the cinnamon bear, right here on your station, Yesterday Once More Radio.

A note before I go Yesterday Once More Radio is dedicated to the men and women in uniform as well as all first responders around and this great country of ours.

I thank you and we’ll see you on Yesterday Once More Radio.

Fred Gaspro


Testerday Once More Radio


About Fred (The Mayor) Gaspro

I own and Operate Yesterday Once More Radio on the internet. It plays Old-Time Radio programs 24/7 without commercials. At 70 years young my life is just getting started. Old-Time radio for me is a passion. I want to preserve, present and protect as well as educate people on the value of this, one of our nations most valuable treasures.
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