Can You Help?

Well folks we are still in the rebuilding stage since the fire in September. Can You Help? what we need at the present time is a person to volunteer to make out web page. This is one area that is truly needing and upgrade. If you know of anyone who would like to donate equipment we could use a new mixer and microphones. We lost everything in the fire but my hopes are that the new studio will be better than the last. The last thing we need is money. I am not very good at asking for donations but this is the only way we can grow. So, there it is. My passion for Old-Time Radio is as strong as ever and with your support, we will have a commercial free station for a long time. In two days I turn 70, (March 4th) You can make this the best birthday by helpng. So, how can you do this? You can go to and use the Paypal donation button in the upper left hand side of the screen. You can also send a donation or equipment to : Fred Gaspro Owner Yesterday Once More Radio P.O. Box 2246 Longview, Washington 98632 The last is we have a new phonje number for the studio. If you would like to call, you can by dialing 360-200-5393 and we can chat or fill you in on what we are facing. Thanks Fred

About Fred (The Mayor) Gaspro

I own and Operate Yesterday Once More Radio on the internet. It plays Old-Time Radio programs 24/7 without commercials. At 70 years young my life is just getting started. Old-Time radio for me is a passion. I want to preserve, present and protect as well as educate people on the value of this, one of our nations most valuable treasures.
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