A Look At The Health Fair

These are pictures from the Men’s Games at Longview Urology. We had and wonderful time meeting people and talking about Old-Time Radio.
It was so interesting to talking with people who grew up listening to radio, pre-tv.
One gentlemen said he would listen to a program called the Black Museum and it always scared the pants off him and his friends.
I have most of the Black Museum in my Master Old-Time Radio vault and will bring it out, dusting it off and seeing how many we can put on Yesterday Once More Radio so, stay tuned.
By the way, before I go. Now that we have our mobile radio setup as well and a booth for events. If you live in the Cowlitz County or Portland area and are having an event you would like to have us attend, please send me an e-mail and if the schedule is clear we will be there for you.
So, that is about it. To all of you I talked with there thank you for your interest and donations.


Try this link and let me know how it works for you.

Yesterday Once More Radio Live

About Fred (The Mayor) Gaspro

I own and Operate Yesterday Once More Radio on the internet. It plays Old-Time Radio programs 24/7 without commercials. At 70 years young my life is just getting started. Old-Time radio for me is a passion. I want to preserve, present and protect as well as educate people on the value of this, one of our nations most valuable treasures.
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  1. Lesie says:

    I can’t find the Health Fair pictures nor can I listen to the radio. Would love to see them and listen.

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