Yesterday Once More Radio has been in the planning stages for approximately 3 1/2 years. But before I tell you how and why I started Yesterday Once More Radio I would like to give you a little bit of my background.

My name is Fred Gaspro I am 67 years old and retired. During my working years. I produced a television program called the outdoor sportsman show or television. After that, I worked in a motion picture laboratory that produced award-winning motion pictures, commercials and industrial films.

As retirement grew near. I wanted to figure out what to do. Working at our local hospital didn’t sound like much fun, but I still wanted to do something that would give back to the people of my town. Beings I love computers, and old-time radio. I came to the realization that what I wanted to do is help save this dying art form. I have collected over 8000 old-time radio programs from the past. I decided I would put together programs for our retirement community and donate them to the rest homes. This turned out to be a big hit with them. Then I heard about Internet Radio and a light went off. I could share my passion with people around the world.

As one thing led to another, I thought if I could create a classy Internet radio station that people could enjoy, that was what I wanted to do.

So with very little cash I built a sound studio in my home. I then spent 2 years cataloging and digitally cleaning each episode. This process is ongoing and I hope by next summer to have them all done.

In July. I went on the air or on the Internet, making sure that my listeners would get something a little bit different than what they ever used it. The content of the radio station would be the old-time radio programs and public service announcements. There would be no commercials on Yesterday Once More Radio if I could help it.

The idea is to educate, preserve, present, and save. What I consider a dying art form. Most of the shows amaze me. Actors, actresses, sound and special effects. These were the people that helped bring up through world war II and brought into tha homes of millions presented entertainment, news, sports on a daily basis.

This is when children learn to use their imagination. The children also had heros and in most if not all the cases the good guy who had respect for others won the day. They would listen to their favorite radio shows and through their minds eye could see everything that was happening , just with their imagination.

So, with my love of old-time radio programs. We now have Yesterday Once More Radio which I would like to see have at least a listing base of over 2000 within the next 6 months.

Any funds collected will be used only for the improvments of the station. I will NOT use any of the funds for my personal use.

As we all know, things are not free these days, but maybe with your help we can improve on what we started and say wonderful programs for future generations.

I thank you for listening, and I hope you feel as I do that this is a very worthy cause for you to invest in.

Thank You,

Fred Gaspro
Yesterday Once More Radio
Longview, Washington

About Fred (The Mayor) Gaspro

I own and Operate Yesterday Once More Radio on the internet. It plays Old-Time Radio programs 24/7 without commercials. At 70 years young my life is just getting started. Old-Time radio for me is a passion. I want to preserve, present and protect as well as educate people on the value of this, one of our nations most valuable treasures.
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    How can I help support this

    • You sure can. I have been down (Health) for a while but am getting better and want this to grow.
      Anyway you can elp will be welcome.


    • Hi Pat,
      Well to be honest, the best way is to donate. Next years budget is go9ing to be around $2500.00. Another is to tell everyone you know about it. I had surgery 3 weeks ago and am still recovering but am working on new programming and boy oh boy is it going to be a lot of fun. I have over 9000 tracks and am cleaning them as fastas I can….\

      Thanks for the comment,


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